December 12, 2007

FYCN December 12th- Dr. Padasak

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This morning Brain Kramer lead our meeting.  We had a Scripture Feast and then heard from our guest Dr. Padasak.   It was great hearing some of the things that he had to say.   Dr. Padasak not only wants to help improve our schools but our community.  Dr. Padasak gave us a lot to think about and this is my brief summary.   

Issues we Currently Face
Drop out rate.  9%

Starts in 6th grade. 

Signs to look for.

Miss more than 1 day per month.

They should have B’s or better in 6th grade.

No more than 1-2 referrals per month.  

½ of drop outs are White, Female, Straight A Students. 
“We lost our current generation of parents.”

40% of kids live in non traditional homes.  

More strife in the homes.  

Families lack money

40% of students to receive reduced lunches.   

Homelessness up among schools. 

Each area of Chambersburg has a different dynamic.

Down Town- Black and Latino Population

Latino population is up to 10%.

20% Latino population in Elementary.

Fayetteville- Highest population of Sexual abuse.

Megan’s Law Offenders High.  

     Alternative Schools.
400 kids at Alternative Schools.  
                       Property at Letterkenny
                                    Out of school Suspensions
                                    1-60 days.   
Step School- Kids that don’t like crowds.
                       McKinley Street.  -100 students

Time to make a difference. 
“My Desire is to open up the issues so they can be addressed.”

After School programs.
Internet Café’s
                                 Academic Help
                                 Career Help
50% of Employees in Chambersburg will retire in the next 5 years.    
Have different Career people share.
                                 Teach these students how to be good parents.  

“We just need to provide parenting from 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM.  
Role Models is the biggest need.  

Adult Mentors- Talk to a child once per month. 

Take them out to eat, bowling, play sports, help them with homework.   


Good kids mentoring the Future Generations.  

Youth Pastor should be involved with the schools.         
         Substitute via Emergency Certification.  
         Volunteer at programs and events.  


So our question is “What can FYCN and the local Ministries do to help?” 
What are you currently doing?  After school programs.  
Where could you use help?
What ideas do you have?


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  1. dcoldsmith said,


    This has been part of our discussions at The Gathering Place since nearly its beginning. We desire to be a crossroads kind of place where Internet cafes, afterschool programming, art studio, day care, and possibly even quality preschool programming would use this facility through the week in partnership with other ministries and community based organizations to meet the growing needs in this community. The dream is to also be able to provide community events, concerts, and real-life kind of help to people that feel kinda stuck wherever they are–job and computer training, free health clinic, counseling services, life-skill training. Anyway, all that hinges upon the million dollar word (literally)… facility, of which we have none at this point.

    Still dreaming, but perhaps God is up to something. I’ve got plenty of ideas. I guess it depends on who’s listening. Would love to see the church in FC come together for this cause. I’m listening.

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