January 16, 2008

Balancing Your Life and Ministry

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I am going to try to weekly update this site with an article to think about.  I will most likely update the site on a Friday.  The more interaction the harder I will work to get quality articles.  

 How to Balance Your Life and Ministry.  Written by Rick Ezell

Your first step to finding balance is to admit that you are part of the problem. When you look at your busier than busy schedule, isn’t it true that you pack much of it on yourself? Next, you need to stop and consider what you are doing. To stop the frantic pace you are living, you need to cease your activity for a period of time to determine what you are doing and why. You should not merely slow down. You need to completely stop. There is a huge difference.

You need to ask your family and yourself some questions:

  • Is the frantic pace I’m on worth it?
  • How will this continued pace impact my family, my health, my ministry?
  • Will these things matter in eternity 

Read the rest of the Article here.  

So what did you think? 


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  1. For me, this article really hits home. Often I feel that I dont do enough. When I look at other Pastor and see their busy life I feel like I should be DOING MORE. Recently I have really been challenged with BEING what God wants me to BE. I need to love Him in Every area of my life. He has got to be the focus of my life not just Priority number 1. The past two years I have neglected exercise and it really affected my energy and attitude. Going to the Gym has also helped me get out of the Church and build relationship with others. Serving the community not just my Church is also soemthing I need to do more. So I want to add two things to my schedule that means something has to go.

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