February 22, 2008

I dont like mistakes

Posted in Weekly thought tagged , , , , , , at 1:50 pm by Jeremy Blount

I’m the kind of guy that hates mistakes.  I want everything that I work hard on to go well.  I would say that I often can get stuck in a “Performance Trap” mentality. 

I hate failure and because of this I often dont take risks.  I also think that at times this can stop me from allowing God to work through me to accomplish God sized tasks.  Steven Furtick says:

I don’t mind those I lead making mistakes.  In fact, I prefer it.  If they’re not making mistakes, they’re probably not playing to win.  Read more here.  

Let me ask you.  As a leader are you playing to win?  Are you taking chances or risks as you play to win or are you being safe?  Are you more worried about what others think of your success or failure then you are pleasing your Boss?

The disciples of Jesus made plenty of mistakes.  All through out the Bible we read about men & women who God used even with their mistakes.  Maybe its time to be willing to make a couple of mistakes and allow God to the the unthinkable. 


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