March 22, 2008

So what?

Posted in Weekly thought tagged , , , , , , at 10:54 pm by Jeremy Blount

This year I set a personal goal of  reading two books per month and currently I am reading “A New Kind of Youth Ministry” by Chris Folmbsee.   So far its been a good read.  I agree with a lot of things that Chris brings up.

Chris talks about his desires to be responsible for the Spiritual Formation of students rather than a list of programs and events.   As I was reading this morning I began to think about a question that we need to be asking our students.  Chris does not mention this question, but its one that I believe needs to be asked.  SO WHAT?

We need to teach Biblical Truth but not just for the sake of Biblical Knowledge.  Our students need to know how this Biblical Truth should effect their daily lives. They need to know how the Biblical Truth that we are teaching ties in with what God is, and has been doing through out History.  Is this Biblical Truth something worth dying for and if so why?

Discipleship isn’t about just being a learner or a student of theological reflection. It’s about living out your trust in Jesus in relationship with him.

Okay, the Bible teaches..(this truth)…So what?  How does this Biblical Truth impact your life?  How should it change the way you live and act?  How does it impact the way you show love to those around you? How does this affect your love Relationship with Jesus?

I hope that you think through these thoughts.  My final question would be: are you helping students to know about Biblical Truth or live Biblical Truth?


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