June 20, 2008

Get real & start equipping

Posted in Weekly thought at 4:19 pm by Jeremy Blount

Last week 8 of us met at the park for our monthly FCYN meeting and I must say that we had an awesome time.   We shared about our ministries, our lives, and then something happened.  We took it to the next level.  We talked about our individual relationships with God.  We shared how we were doing.  We talked about struggles and frustrations.  As I look back on our meeting I realize that many of the things that were going on in our ministries and lives was directly impacted by our relationship with God.   This is nothing new.  We all know this, but so often we find ourselves masking over our personal relationship with God to talk about ministry or life in general.  YOUTH Pastors lets get real.  Lets be willing to admit that we are not where everyone thinks we are. Not even close.

As we become real in our personal life and walk with God I believe we also need to be real when it comes to ministry.  I dont have all the answers and to be honest sometimes my ideas and agenda’s stink.   I started read John Maxwells book titled Developing Leaders Around You and it has reminded me of the importance of Equipping the saints.  You cant do it all. If you are trying to do it all, your ministry is probably not functioning at its highest level.  As we depend upon God to work through our weakness we need to also be equipping those around us to do their best for God.

So…do you need to get real?  Have you been faking your relationship with God?  How about with others?   Are their areas in your ministry that you need to allow someone else to be responsible for?  Are you training others to do your current responsibilities?


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