October 10, 2008

Yesterdays meeting

Posted in Community Events, Monthly Meetings at 6:13 pm by Jeremy Blount

We had a great time yesterday at Bestway Pizza.  I believe we had 10 people in attendance.   We had a great time just talking a touching base with each other.

Brian Kramer started a great discussion when he asked about locking the doors at certain time.  We talked about students arriving late, leaving early, outside threats and how our ministries handle this.   (MY INTERPRETATION).   I have been thinking about it a lot since that discussion.

We talked about various times to get away and simply spend with God.

Brian Kramer and Mark from King Street invited us to go hiking with them once a month for a couple of hours.  If I understand correctly we will go to Tumbling Rocks and then go our own way for an 1hour or 2 to spend with God.  We would meet back and then go eat lunch together.  Dates will be coming soon.

Brad Varner from young life invited us to pray Monday Mornings at CASHS.  It will be a prayer walk around the high school.  Starting at 9:00 AM. Dates will be coming for this as well.

Our next meeting is November 12th, 8:30 am at St. Pauls.  Hope to see you there.


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  1. Im thinking about tools. We need to network and be in tune with what others are doing and not doing? We need to find and help each other work through the pounds of stuff that comes our way as ministers. What works? What doesn’t? We need to remember we are on the same team, that we work for the same cause and that we get no where by ourselves.
    So be thinking about what we have? What we have used and what we can help each other with? Marerials, education, internet sites, life experiences, etc.,Bring it or think about it , Let’s NETWORK!

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