December 8, 2008

General update

Posted in 1 at 3:15 pm by Jeremy Blount

The google calendar button should now take you to the FCYN Calendar.   

This Thursday’s meeting is at First Baptist Church Chambersburg  at 8:30 AM and Brad Verner is hosting.   

Could you leave a comment with a general update of what God is doing in your life an ministry?



  1. God is teaching me to trust Him in all areas of my life. He is also showing me that He is the ultimate shepherd and that He cares about the flock. Ezekiel 34. Ministry related I am seeing God use other peoples strengths.

  2. Jared Mitterling said,

    God is teaching me to trust Him more than the ways of Man. With the information overload in our society, I have been guilty of trusting more and more in fallen men, and less and less in God. This week he has been calling me back to trust in Him!
    Last night in ministry, He taught us about spiritual gifts. Now, I need God’s guidance to help me plug the students into their gifts.

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