November 13, 2008

Help Summer- She needs…

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Hi Everyone!
Would your church have a Follow Spotlight, Fog Machine or Large Banners on Poles that we could use for our Christmas Cantata on December 20 and 21?
If you do, please contact me at the Greenvillage Church of God or through email.  Thank you.


April 15, 2008

Get out of your bubble

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Ran across this today and have to link you to it. From the shift conference. Hope you enjoy the read. What do you think.

February 8, 2008

So how do we make this a reality

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Once a week I try to encourage you with some kind of thought.  This one however has me stumped.  The article that you are about to read is about getting parents involved in teaching kids about the Bible.    To be honest besides my parents that are youth workers, the rest of the parents are not involved.  Read the article here.  And then leave your feedback below where it says comments. 

 So what are your thoughts for getting parents involved in their kids spiritual lives?  I think this ties in with the whole Dr. Paddasik Conversation.  

December 12, 2007


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This site is set-up to create a place for interaction.  Any Post that are written can be interacted with by writting a comment in reply to the post.   If you are a local ministry and would like a community activity announced (SO OTHER YOUTH WORKERS WILL KNOW) simply email the information to Jeremy and your event will be posted.   If you would like your website added to the Blog Roll email Jeremy with the web address. 

Please check this site weekly so that we can stay in touch.  The more we use it the better it will become.  MAKE SURE TO READ THE MONTHLY MEETING NOTES FROM DECEMBER.