September 8, 2008

Thursday @ 12:00

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Sorry that I am getting this information out so late. I have fallen behind a little bit and I am now working on getting ahead. We will be meeting @ Central Pres @ 12:00 Noon. Bring your own lunch. Drinks and chips will be provided.

Make sure you check out the Calendar link to schedule upcoming meetings.


July 11, 2008

Enroute- Train your leaders

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Hey fellas,

Just wanted to let you two know that New Guilford BIC and us (King Street) have completed the registration process for hosting Sonlife’s Enroute seminar for youth ministry. You can get more info about the seminar at The date for the seminar will be September 13th… a great time for Fall training for volunteer teams! New Guilford will be hosting at their facility. We’ll have more details in the future.

June 20, 2008

Get real & start equipping

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Last week 8 of us met at the park for our monthly FCYN meeting and I must say that we had an awesome time.   We shared about our ministries, our lives, and then something happened.  We took it to the next level.  We talked about our individual relationships with God.  We shared how we were doing.  We talked about struggles and frustrations.  As I look back on our meeting I realize that many of the things that were going on in our ministries and lives was directly impacted by our relationship with God.   This is nothing new.  We all know this, but so often we find ourselves masking over our personal relationship with God to talk about ministry or life in general.  YOUTH Pastors lets get real.  Lets be willing to admit that we are not where everyone thinks we are. Not even close.

As we become real in our personal life and walk with God I believe we also need to be real when it comes to ministry.  I dont have all the answers and to be honest sometimes my ideas and agenda’s stink.   I started read John Maxwells book titled Developing Leaders Around You and it has reminded me of the importance of Equipping the saints.  You cant do it all. If you are trying to do it all, your ministry is probably not functioning at its highest level.  As we depend upon God to work through our weakness we need to also be equipping those around us to do their best for God.

So…do you need to get real?  Have you been faking your relationship with God?  How about with others?   Are their areas in your ministry that you need to allow someone else to be responsible for?  Are you training others to do your current responsibilities?

June 6, 2008

How is your relationship

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I have been asking myself these types of question lately so I decided that I want to ask you.

  • How is your relationship with God?  Are you growing closer to Him? Desiring to spend more time with Him? Talking to Him?
  • How is your relationship with your spouse?  Spending time together?  Talking to each other?  Sharing thoughts and feelings?  How’s your love life?
  • How is your relationship with your staff?  Any bad attitudes that need adjusted?
  • How is your relationship with the people in your church?  Do they know you care about them?
  • How is your relationship with students?  Do you have boundaries set up?  Do they know you love God first and your family second?  Are you helping them to love you or God?

May 23, 2008

What are we DOING?

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I don’t know about you, but often I find myself doing the things that I know that I should not be doing.  I am not talking about sin (I find myself doing that to) but the daily activities that others could be doing for the ministry.   See I think we have a high calling to train and develop others.  As Youth Pastors we should make sure that we are spending our time wisely.  I often don’t.

Tim Schmoyer is a young youth pastor who is making a difference in the lives of students and youth pastors.  (Visit his blog and check out some of the neat things that he is doing.  Actually if you have skype you can join him in a group conversation every Friday at 2:00pm. )  Tim wrote a post the other day that I think will encourage you regarding the things that we should be doing.

This post was a great reminder to me that I need to be falling more in love with God personally.  I need to be developing leaders, spending time with students, and be out in the community setting an example for my students and others to follow.  The fun summer activities will not happen unless someone else steps up and helps plan them.   Check out the post from Tim.

Here is how Tim begins his post.

If we’re not careful, a youth pastor’s job description becomes very bloated very quickly, not just with all the stated expectations, but with all the unstated ones, too. Before we know it, we’re juggling so many balls we’re doing nothing but stressing out and ignoring what it is that God actually put us in youth ministry to do in the first place. Most of us seriously need to step back, take a deep breath, and figure out what it is we’re spending all our time on that is truly important and necessary for the ministry that no one else can do but us.  Read the rest here

May 20, 2008

Chambersburg Project meeting

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I would like to invite anyone interested in being part of the Chambersburg Project discipleship/program team to attend a meeting Thursday May 29th from 9-11AM here at King Street?

We’ll meet in the Student Ministry area, in the basement of the Baker Center. If anyone has questions, they can contact me at Brian Kramer.

It’ll be a working and planning meeting, so folks should come prepared.

May 9, 2008

Youth pastor share’s on office hours

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Yesterday, at our monthly meeting we talked briefly about time management and how many of us dont feel like we make the “best” use of our time.  I would be interested to know how everyone spends their day.   Check out this article from a fellow youth pastor who talks about a “youth pastor’s office hours”.

May 8, 2008

Todays Meeting

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The Next meeting will be Thursday June 12th at 8:30 @ Norlo Park under the Pavilion.    RAIN OR SHINE.  Anyone willing to lead this time?

We had another great turn out today.  We covered the following announcements up front.

  • Vertical Festival is September 20th.  The guys at Vertical would love for us to be involved.
  • This Saturday Manito is hosting the Youth Night at the YMCA.  Ryan Payne Band will be there.  7:00-10:00.  Everything is free.
  • Penn National Golf Center came and shared with us their desire to partner with youth groups.   They want to organize a Church mini-golf league and also have our groups sign-up for mini golf nights.  The prices are great and worth us discussing.   What are your thoughts?
  • The YMCA will be hosting a Family Version of the Amazing Race on May 18th.  View the poster here.

Today we had a great time talking about our biggest failures.  We also share some of our personal struggles.  Many of us talked about time management and allowing ourselves to become to busy and therefore really tired.   The following type of thought was discussed.

Eugene Peterson observes in Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places that we are called to live in the rhythm of the text. God set the rhythm as work, work, work—work, work, work—rest. As Peterson points out, we too often abuse the rhythm of time by procrastination or hurry. We are faced with the temptation to waste time or rush past time.

God calls us to work (x6) and rest. This was the rhythm he set in the beginning. We are called to walk to this rhythm, live to the rhythm, raise families within this rhythm. Wesley wrote in his commentary on Genesis 1, “And let our make and place, as men, mind us of our duty, as Christians, which is always to keep heaven in our eye, and the earth under our feet.

FROM Derek Vreeland’s Blog.

May 6, 2008

A must listen to podcast

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I was forwarded this article and found a link to the following podcast.  Let me encourage you to take the time to listen to this podcast from Lifeway.  Its about Evangelism and a new book by Tim Keller called the Reason for God. Enjoy the podcast.  CLICK HERE.

April 25, 2008

How’s it going? Man, I am so busy

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I don’t know how many times I have responded to someone asking me about how I am doing with “Busy” or something along those lines.   Its like I want a pat on the back or a “way to go man, your just like everyone else.”  Maybe your TOO busy.  Maybe its time to slow down a little bit.  Learn to say no.   Busyness does not equal productive.  Busyness probably does not equal quality time with God.

Check out my buddy Rons post on busyness.     He is learning that being busy is not all that it is cracked up to be.  RON’S CHALLENGE TO YOU.

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