November 21, 2008

One of the best youth min sites

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This guys is on the move and making a difference in youth ministry. If I were you I would subscribe to his blog so that you can read all of his latest post.  Are you free Friday afternoons around 2:00 PM EST?  Join Tim and other youth pastors from around the US on a live youth ministry conference call.  Visit   for more details.  

Here is a little bit of Tim’s Last Post.   

We’ve all had them — students who cause trouble, play on their cell phones all night, are disrespectful, and generally seem mad at the world. Although we love these teenagers as much as we love the others, sometimes it feels like we’re constantly sacrificing the quality of the ministry to all the other kids for the sake of that one (or three or whatever).

When I had my first encounter with this kind of situation, my sr. pastor at the time gave me this advice and I’ve followed it ever since: “Never sacrifice the ministry to all the kids for the sake of one or even a couple.” If, because of one or a couple disruptive students, other kids in the group are not receiving the attention they crave, the spiritual input they seek, and the time to focus on God that they need, then a course of action is needed. read the rest here


September 15, 2008

Learn from them

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A couple opportunities for you to learn from.

  1. Vertical Festival Session with Justin Lookadoo.  If you are going to be at Vertical Festival this Saturday come to the Youth Pastor Lounge (Click on the Picture to learn where the Lounge is located)
    @ 3:00 PM for a special time with Justin.  Following this session we will talk about the Alter Call and follow-up process. September 20th.
  2. Reach, Teach, Unleash 08-with Kathy Gunnaway @ Chambersburg First Church of God. September 27th, 2008.
  3. Presence-Centered Youth Ministry Conference with Mike King @ Lancaster Bible College.   October 18th.    Find out more here.
  4. Deep & Wide Youth Ministry Seminar online.  Listen to sessions here.

May 8, 2008

Todays Meeting

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The Next meeting will be Thursday June 12th at 8:30 @ Norlo Park under the Pavilion.    RAIN OR SHINE.  Anyone willing to lead this time?

We had another great turn out today.  We covered the following announcements up front.

  • Vertical Festival is September 20th.  The guys at Vertical would love for us to be involved.
  • This Saturday Manito is hosting the Youth Night at the YMCA.  Ryan Payne Band will be there.  7:00-10:00.  Everything is free.
  • Penn National Golf Center came and shared with us their desire to partner with youth groups.   They want to organize a Church mini-golf league and also have our groups sign-up for mini golf nights.  The prices are great and worth us discussing.   What are your thoughts?
  • The YMCA will be hosting a Family Version of the Amazing Race on May 18th.  View the poster here.

Today we had a great time talking about our biggest failures.  We also share some of our personal struggles.  Many of us talked about time management and allowing ourselves to become to busy and therefore really tired.   The following type of thought was discussed.

Eugene Peterson observes in Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places that we are called to live in the rhythm of the text. God set the rhythm as work, work, work—work, work, work—rest. As Peterson points out, we too often abuse the rhythm of time by procrastination or hurry. We are faced with the temptation to waste time or rush past time.

God calls us to work (x6) and rest. This was the rhythm he set in the beginning. We are called to walk to this rhythm, live to the rhythm, raise families within this rhythm. Wesley wrote in his commentary on Genesis 1, “And let our make and place, as men, mind us of our duty, as Christians, which is always to keep heaven in our eye, and the earth under our feet.

FROM Derek Vreeland’s Blog.

April 7, 2008

Communicating with Students

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I visited today and ran across Jeremy’s post regarding how to communicate to students.  Thought you should read it.

Answer the following question for me.

How do you communicate with your students?

Important Stats for Student Ministry

You don’t have to have a degree in Youth Ministry to realize that our students are more connected than any generation before them. With that being said I, like most of you I’m sure, am always looking for better ways to communicate with my students.

Tim Elmore and Growing Leaders recently conducted a focus group of 16-24 year olds and asked them how they wanted to receive information from us. Here are the top 8 answers:

1. Text messaging
2. Internet (i.e. MySpace or Facebook)
3. iPods and Podcasts
4. Instant messaging
5. Cell phone
6. DVD / CD
7. Books
8. Email

Read the rest here.

March 22, 2008

So what?

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This year I set a personal goal of  reading two books per month and currently I am reading “A New Kind of Youth Ministry” by Chris Folmbsee.   So far its been a good read.  I agree with a lot of things that Chris brings up.

Chris talks about his desires to be responsible for the Spiritual Formation of students rather than a list of programs and events.   As I was reading this morning I began to think about a question that we need to be asking our students.  Chris does not mention this question, but its one that I believe needs to be asked.  SO WHAT?

We need to teach Biblical Truth but not just for the sake of Biblical Knowledge.  Our students need to know how this Biblical Truth should effect their daily lives. They need to know how the Biblical Truth that we are teaching ties in with what God is, and has been doing through out History.  Is this Biblical Truth something worth dying for and if so why?

Discipleship isn’t about just being a learner or a student of theological reflection. It’s about living out your trust in Jesus in relationship with him.

Okay, the Bible teaches..(this truth)…So what?  How does this Biblical Truth impact your life?  How should it change the way you live and act?  How does it impact the way you show love to those around you? How does this affect your love Relationship with Jesus?

I hope that you think through these thoughts.  My final question would be: are you helping students to know about Biblical Truth or live Biblical Truth?

March 13, 2008

Monthly Meeting

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If you missed this morning meeting you missed a good one. We had between 12-15 youth workers present. Jarred did a great job leading the discussion. We talked about things God is doing in our lives and ministry, asked each other questions about ministry, and then prayed with each other. I love this time of getting together.

One of the questions that was asked was “what do you do to help disciple a new believer”. RESOURCES WE TALKED ABOUT:

Now that I am a Christian
Now What

Other resources we talked about:
To write love on her arms.
UnChristian: What a new generation really thinks about Christianity.

Add your other Ideas by placing a comment.

NEXT meeting Thursday April 10th Hosted by Tammy Gloss. SEE YOU THEN.

40 Lincoln Way W
, PA 17201

(717) 264-4113

February 11, 2008

New Calendar Update

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Because request are often made for things to be promoted I have made a FCYN google Calendar.  To the right you should see the google calendar button.  If you click on that button it will take you to an updated calendar. On this calendar you will begin to see FCYN Meeting dates and locations, and major YOUTH oriented events.   In the next month or two I will let you know who you can contact to get your YOUTH oriented community event listed there.   For now contact me.  Thank You.  

January 16, 2008

Balancing Your Life and Ministry

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I am going to try to weekly update this site with an article to think about.  I will most likely update the site on a Friday.  The more interaction the harder I will work to get quality articles.  

 How to Balance Your Life and Ministry.  Written by Rick Ezell

Your first step to finding balance is to admit that you are part of the problem. When you look at your busier than busy schedule, isn’t it true that you pack much of it on yourself? Next, you need to stop and consider what you are doing. To stop the frantic pace you are living, you need to cease your activity for a period of time to determine what you are doing and why. You should not merely slow down. You need to completely stop. There is a huge difference.

You need to ask your family and yourself some questions:

  • Is the frantic pace I’m on worth it?
  • How will this continued pace impact my family, my health, my ministry?
  • Will these things matter in eternity 

Read the rest of the Article here.  

So what did you think? 

January 4, 2008

January 9th- FCYN Meeting

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FCYN Meeting
Wednesday, Jan. 9th from 8:30 – 10:00
Chambersburg First Church of God
2230  Grandpoint Road, Chambersburg

Today there were five of us in attendance.   Gene shared a devotional thought that challenged us all to keep focused on what we are called to do.  We had a time of prayer and then we talked about our last meeting with Dr. Padasak.   Gene is hoping to launch an after school program for students at Faust sometime in February.  He has been in contact with Dr. Padasak as well as Mr. Shank.  The school is going to be providing transportation.   

 We also talked a lot about Discipleship/Mentoring and how our ministry need to focus more on this. We could get into the schools, do after school programs, but our students are with other students daily.   We need to teach them how to mentor and make a difference in their schools.  

Our next meeting is February 13th @ 8:00 am and we will once again be meeting at Chambersburg First Church of God.   PLEASE PLAN TO ATTEND.    

December 12, 2007

FYCN December 12th- Dr. Padasak

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This morning Brain Kramer lead our meeting.  We had a Scripture Feast and then heard from our guest Dr. Padasak.   It was great hearing some of the things that he had to say.   Dr. Padasak not only wants to help improve our schools but our community.  Dr. Padasak gave us a lot to think about and this is my brief summary.   

Issues we Currently Face
Drop out rate.  9%

Starts in 6th grade. 

Signs to look for.

Miss more than 1 day per month.

They should have B’s or better in 6th grade.

No more than 1-2 referrals per month.  

½ of drop outs are White, Female, Straight A Students. 
“We lost our current generation of parents.”

40% of kids live in non traditional homes.  

More strife in the homes.  

Families lack money

40% of students to receive reduced lunches.   

Homelessness up among schools. 

Each area of Chambersburg has a different dynamic.

Down Town- Black and Latino Population

Latino population is up to 10%.

20% Latino population in Elementary.

Fayetteville- Highest population of Sexual abuse.

Megan’s Law Offenders High.  

     Alternative Schools.
400 kids at Alternative Schools.  
                       Property at Letterkenny
                                    Out of school Suspensions
                                    1-60 days.   
Step School- Kids that don’t like crowds.
                       McKinley Street.  -100 students

Time to make a difference. 
“My Desire is to open up the issues so they can be addressed.”

After School programs.
Internet Café’s
                                 Academic Help
                                 Career Help
50% of Employees in Chambersburg will retire in the next 5 years.    
Have different Career people share.
                                 Teach these students how to be good parents.  

“We just need to provide parenting from 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM.  
Role Models is the biggest need.  

Adult Mentors- Talk to a child once per month. 

Take them out to eat, bowling, play sports, help them with homework.   


Good kids mentoring the Future Generations.  

Youth Pastor should be involved with the schools.         
         Substitute via Emergency Certification.  
         Volunteer at programs and events.  


So our question is “What can FYCN and the local Ministries do to help?” 
What are you currently doing?  After school programs.  
Where could you use help?
What ideas do you have?