November 21, 2008

One of the best youth min sites

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This guys is on the move and making a difference in youth ministry. If I were you I would subscribe to his blog so that you can read all of his latest post.  Are you free Friday afternoons around 2:00 PM EST?  Join Tim and other youth pastors from around the US on a live youth ministry conference call.  Visit   for more details.  

Here is a little bit of Tim’s Last Post.   

We’ve all had them — students who cause trouble, play on their cell phones all night, are disrespectful, and generally seem mad at the world. Although we love these teenagers as much as we love the others, sometimes it feels like we’re constantly sacrificing the quality of the ministry to all the other kids for the sake of that one (or three or whatever).

When I had my first encounter with this kind of situation, my sr. pastor at the time gave me this advice and I’ve followed it ever since: “Never sacrifice the ministry to all the kids for the sake of one or even a couple.” If, because of one or a couple disruptive students, other kids in the group are not receiving the attention they crave, the spiritual input they seek, and the time to focus on God that they need, then a course of action is needed. read the rest here


May 23, 2008

What are we DOING?

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I don’t know about you, but often I find myself doing the things that I know that I should not be doing.  I am not talking about sin (I find myself doing that to) but the daily activities that others could be doing for the ministry.   See I think we have a high calling to train and develop others.  As Youth Pastors we should make sure that we are spending our time wisely.  I often don’t.

Tim Schmoyer is a young youth pastor who is making a difference in the lives of students and youth pastors.  (Visit his blog and check out some of the neat things that he is doing.  Actually if you have skype you can join him in a group conversation every Friday at 2:00pm. )  Tim wrote a post the other day that I think will encourage you regarding the things that we should be doing.

This post was a great reminder to me that I need to be falling more in love with God personally.  I need to be developing leaders, spending time with students, and be out in the community setting an example for my students and others to follow.  The fun summer activities will not happen unless someone else steps up and helps plan them.   Check out the post from Tim.

Here is how Tim begins his post.

If we’re not careful, a youth pastor’s job description becomes very bloated very quickly, not just with all the stated expectations, but with all the unstated ones, too. Before we know it, we’re juggling so many balls we’re doing nothing but stressing out and ignoring what it is that God actually put us in youth ministry to do in the first place. Most of us seriously need to step back, take a deep breath, and figure out what it is we’re spending all our time on that is truly important and necessary for the ministry that no one else can do but us.  Read the rest here